General Information

Trazanto® Lens is a cutting-edge mobile application crafted by Terragene®. Its primary purpose is to
empower users with intelligent assistance in reading and interpreting chemical or washing indicators
swiftly through a simple scan. This innovative tool seamlessly integrates with Terragene’s flagship
software solution, Bionova® Cloud.
To unlock the full potential of Trazanto® Lens, users are required to register on Bionova®. This
registration serves as a gateway, allowing seamless access to the app’s features and functionalities. By
bridging the gap between the mobile application and Terragene’s robust software ecosystem, Trazanto®
Lens provides a comprehensive solution for efficient data interpretation and analysis. Elevate your user
experience and gain valuable insights by harnessing the power of Trazanto® Lens in conjunction with
Bionova® Cloud.

You can download the Terragene Trazanto® Lens app from the iOS App Store and Google Play
Store. Simply search for “Trazanto Lens” and follow the on-screen instructions to install it on your
device. Remember that you will first need to register as a Bionova® Cloud company and user on (please contact your administrator).

Your username and password for accessing Trazanto® Lens are the same credentials used to log into Bionova® Cloud, the primary cloud platform where all relevant information is stored. If you don’t have a Bionova® Cloud username, you must be registered by your Company Administrator. If this is your company’s initial use of Trazanto® Lens, your Bionova® Cloud Administrator needs to activate a Trazanto® Lens subscription from the Bionova® Cloud menu. For detailed instructions, please refer to this link.

Trazanto® Lens offers a few features in addition to scanning and reading of washing and chemical indicators, that is the main purpose for this app. You will also be able to verify the list of readable indicators and to have access for some configuration controls.

Yes, Trazanto® Lens is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. You can download it from the respective app stores.

To use the indicator’s image reading tool, simply go to “new scan” and take a picture of the washing or chemical indicator. Automatically, AI reads and interprets the chemical indicator, suggesting a result for your review. You will have the chance to keep a tracking record sending this result seamlessly to Bionova® Cloud.

No, Trazanto® Lens allows you to scan one indicator at a time.

Trazanto® Lens offers a free trial period of 1 month, provided that you are already subscribed to the main platform Bionova® Cloud. After that period, a subscription fee will need to be paid for both

Trazanto® Lens and Bionova® Cloud. You will need to contact your company administrator or your Terragene® distributor.

For any questions or issues, you can reach out to our customer support team by sending an email to

Yes, Trazanto® Lens supports English and Spanish, and more languages are expected to be supported in the future. You can change the language settings in the app’s preferences.

No, Trazanto® Lens requires an internet connection for accessing online AI services in order to read the indicators and to connect with Bionova® Cloud assisting you to stay compliant while saving tracking records for you.

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